DEXi Suite is a common name for the new-generation of DEX software, launched in 2023, aimed at gradually replacing DEXi Classic.

On one hand, DEXi Suite continues the tradition of DEXi Classic. It provides a reach and user-friendly implementation of the DEX method. It is fully backward compatible with DEXi models and .dxi files produced by DEXi Classic software. All DEXi Suite software components can be used free of charge.

On the other hand, all DEXi Suite software components have been redesigned and rebuilt from the scratch. Apart from using more advanced software development tools and, consequently, easig software development, the main motivation for DEXi Suite was twofold: to extend the functionality of DEXi Classic with some long-awaited new features, and to create a unified software architecture, based on a common DEXi class library.

New DEXi Modeling Functionality


DEXiLibrary is a common software library for developing and using hierarchical qualitative multi-criteria decision models according to the method DEX. It provides a common collection of classes and algorithms that are used by individual DEXi Suite software components, making them consistent with each other and up-to-date at all times. Furthermore, DEXiLibrary has been designed so that can be easly ported to different platforms. Currently, DEXiLibrary is operational under .NET and Java.

DEXi Suite Software Components