DEXiWin: DEXi Decision Modeling Software

DEXiWin is a desktop program for Microsoft Windows aimed at developing and using hierarchical qualitative multi-criteria decision models according to the method DEX.


The current version of DEXiWin is 1.2 (released 2024-07-02).

Please see DEXiWin Versions for the change log and previous versions of the software.


DEXiWin implements a graphical user interface over the core DEXi modelling library DEXiLibrary. DEXiWin supports the following functionality:


DEXiWin is backward compatible with DEXi. It implements all DEXi's features, except loading and saving DEXi models in obsolete data formats (.dax and pre-2000 .xml). DEXiWin can read and process .dxi files produced by DEXi. Furthermore, if no new features introduced in DEXi Suite have been used, DEXiWin writes .dxi files that are readable by DEXi, however, the new features might be ignored in DEXi.

In comparison with DEXi, DEXiWin introduces several new features: