DEXiLibrary: DEXi Decision Modeling Software Library

DEXiLibrary is a common software library for developing and using hierarchical qualitative multi-criteria DEX models in DEXi Suite.

DEXiLibrary has been developed from the scratch, based on old DEXi Delphi Object Pascal code of the same author, but heavily restructured, renewed and extended. DEXiLibrary is written in RemObjects Oxygene, a new-generation Object Pascal. One of the important consequences of this choice is the ability to create class libraries from the same code for all of today's major platforms. In particular, DEXiLibrary targets the Java and .NET platforms, and makes the respective class libraries, dexijar.jar and DexiDLL.dll. These can be dynamically linked to other software.

Open Source

DEXiLibrary source code is available on GitLab under the GNU General Public License.