DEXi Suite

DEXi Suite is a common name for the new-generation of DEX software, launched in 2023, aimed at gradually replacing DEXi Classic. The main features of DEXi Suite are:

  • Extending the DEX decision-modeling functionality …

  • … while maintaining backward compatibility with DEXi Classic models.

  • Redesigning software architecture to make it more adaptive for change.

  • Using a common cross-platform DEX-modeling class library.

  • Using modern software technologies, simplifying the development and extending the life cycle of products.

  • Using DEX models in other interacitive/programming environments, such as Python and R.

  • Open-source software.

DEXi Suite contains the following software components:

  • DEXiLibrary: DEXi Decision Modeling Software Library.

  • DEXiWin: DEXi Decision Modeling Software (for Windows).

  • DEXiEval: Command-line utility for batch DEXi evaluation.

  • DEXiPy: A software package for using DEXi models in Python.

  • DEXiR: A software package for using DEXi models in R.