DEX Software

This documentation is associated with the DEX Software website. It provides detailed information about the multi-criteria modeling method DEX (Decision EXpert) and software that supports the development and application of DEX models. This software was mainly produced at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Department of Knowledge Technologies, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

DEX software is free and distributed under liberal licenses, such as MIT or GPL, depending on the product. DEXi Suite is open-source.

DEX Method

DEX (Decision EXpert) is a is a hierarchical, qualitative, rule-based multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) method. It is particularly suited for sorting/classification decision problems. DEX puts special emphasis on the transparency, comprehensibility, consistency, and completeness of decision models, as well as on methods for the analysis, justification, and explanation of decisions. The DEX approach relies on using software tools that actively support the decision maker in both the creation and utilization stages of the process.


More information forthcoming. Until documentation is ready, please see:

  • DEXi Glossary of terms

  • Bohanec, M.: DEX (Decision EXpert): A qualitative hierarchical multi-criteria method (preprint). Multiple Criteria Decision Making (ed. Kulkarni, A.J.), Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 407, Singapore: Springer, doi: 10.1007/978-981-16-7414-3_3, 39-78, 2022.

DEXi Suite

DEXi Suite is a common name for the new-generation of DEX software, launched in 2023, aimed at gradually replacing DEXi Classic.

DEXi Classic

DEXi Classic is a common name for a group of DEX software tools developed in the period 2000-2021. The tools are built around DEXi, a desktop program for multi-attribute decision making, which facilitates an interactive creation and editing of DEX models and provides methods for the evaluation and analysis of alternatives. DEXi Classic also provides software for the evaluation of alternatives on Web pages and in programming environments, such as C# and Java.

Other DEX Software

Other third-party or research/prototype/experimental software:

  • DEXiWare: Software platform for developing Web-based Decision Support Systems using DEX models.

  • proDEX: A Python implementation of some DEX features, extended by general hierarchies, numerical inputs and probabilistic utility functions, in Orange primary developer: Martin Žnidaršič) (2006).

  • DEXi Rule: A web app for reading DEXi models and showing decision tables with elementary and complex rules (primary developer: Adem Kikaj) (2018).



More information forthcoming. Until ready, please see DEXi Applications.



More information forthcoming. Until ready, please see DEXi Documentation and Publications.