DEXi Classic

DEXi Classic is a newly-coined name for the collection of DEX-modeling software tools that were developed in the period 2000-2021. This software is being gradually replaced by DEXi Suite.

The central component of DEXi Classic is the desktop program DEXi, which implements all major model-editing functions and provides methods for the evaluation and analysis of decision alternatives (what-if analysis, “plus-minus-1” analysis, selective explanation, comparison of alternatives, option generation).

Other DEXi Classic software components are:

  • DEXiTree: A program for pretty drawing of DEXi trees.

  • DEXiEval: A command-line utility for batch DEXi evaluation.

  • JDEXi: Open-source Java library implementing the evaluation part of DEX.

  • DEXi.NET: Open-source .NET library implementing the evaluation part of DEX in C#

  • DEXi HTML Evaluator: A software package for running DEXi models in Web browsers.